Why We

“UTEX UKRAINE” positions itself as a manufacturer of truly high-quality cables, in which the fibers “do not run away” inward or outward, strength and other parameters correspond to the declared requirements, based on current international standards

Rods with gluing

Thanks to the use of fiberglass rods with gluing, the cable has better structural integrity, and is thinner and lighter, which makes its logistics cheaper.

Measurement of fiber length

Daily measurement of excess fiber length in the module, so that the fibers “do not run away” inward or outward – when constructing the lines, there is no need to make operational reserves (rings) to prevent the fibers from “running away,” which saves about 5% of the money on the construction length.


Trained and hard-selected operators of production lines


Highly skilled technologists in the field of production of fiber-optic products


The company has implemented a barcoding system at all stages of production, thus we have the ability to monitor our products throughout the life of the operation


Materials and semi-finished products from manufacturers with a global brand


Managers of the West European sample
UTEKS UKRAINE” has a flexible pricing policy in which the “price-quality” ratio is accepted with the understanding that “quality requires quality costs”