Drop FTTH Cable A/J-V(ZN-AY)Н-1Е-0,8kN

The drop FTTH Cable A/J-V(ZN-AY)Н-1Е-0,8kN designed for installation on short distance between electrical line poles, city light poles, buildings or other constructions, along building walls. Used as “last mile” for connecting subscribers.

Catalogue number Number of fibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km)
A/J-V(ZN-AY)Н-1Е-0,8kN 1 3.0 10.0


  • Single Mode fiber ITU-T G.657A2
  • 1 fiber
  • Color coding per IEC60304 – DIN/VDE08888

Outer Jacket:

  • LSZH compound
  • UV* resistant


  • Tight buffer armored aramid yarn

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Cable weight – 10.0 kg
  • Cable diameter – 3.0 mm


  • Temperature

Installation -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

Operating -10°C to +60°C (-14°F to +140°F)

  • Minimum band radius

3 nominal diameters of cable

  • Maximum crash resistance

400 N/cm (35,4 lb/in)


  • Maximum tension load

800 N

*UV – ultraviolet