Outdoor Fiber Optic ADSS cable A-D(ZN)2Y-XE-1,0KN-LT

The Outdoor Aerial Fiber Optic Round ADSS cable A-D(ZN)2Y-XE-1,0KN-LT is the lightweight version of the standard suspension cable A-D(ZN)2Y-XE, has a smaller diameter and weight, while maintaining its parameters, it is also designed for installation on telecommunication or electrical line poles, city light poles, between buildings or other constructions, along building walls, installation in cable ducts, cable runs, pipes, blocks, tunnels.

Contruction of outdoor aerial fiber optic cable A-D(ZN-2P)2Y-XE-1.0KN. Utex Ukraine cables
Catalogue number Number of fibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
A-W(ZN)2Y-1E-1,0kN-LT 1 4.0 13.6
A-D(ZN)2Y-2E-1,0kN-LT 2 4.0 13.6
A-D(ZN)2Y-4E-1,0kN-LT 4 4.0 13.7
A-D(ZN)2Y-8E-1,0kN-LT 8 5.0 20.5
A-D(ZN)2Y-12E-1,0kN-LT 12 5.0 20.7


  • Single Mode fiber G.652 D
  • 1-12 fibers
  • Central tube gel-filled
  • Color coding per IEC 60304

Outer Jacket:

  • Black UV* and moisture-resistant polyethylene (PE)
  • Sequential meter marking


  • Central tube armored with two rods provide good fiber and cable protection
  • Easy to install

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Max distance between poles – 50 m
  • Max sagging – 2%
  • Cable weight – look in the table
  • Cable diameter – look in the table
  • Cable length – 2 to 4 km/reel
Ютекс-Украина ОКП(С)ЛТ Т


  • Temperature

Installation -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

Operating -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)

  • Minimum band radius

15 nominal diameters of cable

  • Maximum crash resistance

200 N/cm (17,7 lb/in)


  • Maximum tension load (short term)

1000 H

*UV – ultraviolet